Make this A Wrinkle in Time Fortune Teller and more

Make this A Wrinkle in Time Fortune Teller and more

The kids and I had a chance to see “A Wrinkle in Time” earlier this week.

I wanted to love it. I loved many things about it. I loved the way the filmmakers updated the original. I loved the diversity. There were moments of quirkiness and humor.

I loved the costumes (all the sparkly things!!!) I just didn’t love the movie overall. I do, however, love the book so perhaps that skewed me? And my kids loved the movie. I’d say it’s worth seeing with your kids, but read the book afterward and then talk about them both.

Also, I debated bringing my seven-year old. She sat in while I read the book out loud to everyone and she was dying to see the movie, but I’m glad I ultimately decided against it. It would have been too scary for her. The movie is rated PG and I’d say it has about the same levels of suspense and violence as the PG Harry Potter movies – if your kids can handle those, they’ll be fine. If they’re a little more sensitive, it’s best to wait.

I wanted to share some fun activities to do based on the movie. The fortune teller is my favorite, but my daughter is going to have fun figuring out the maze as well! Just click on the picture to download any of the activities below.

A Wrinkle in Time Activities to do With Kids

A Wrinkle in Time Fortune Teller

A Winkle in Time Fortune Teller

A Wrinkle in Time Maze

A Wrinkle in Time maze

A Wrinkle in Time Coloring Pages

A Wrinkle in Time Coloring Page


Did you read the book? Are you excited for the movie?

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