11 Easy Art Activities to Do At Home

11 Easy Art Activities to Do At Home

On snowy days, sometimes it’s fun to get out and play…or even take a trip somewhere you can pretend to be warm. But sometimes?

Sometimes it’s nice to stay inside in pjs or yoga pants all day.

This might be one of my favorite things about Colorado – that you can take a day to stay inside while the snow piles up outdoors and the weather is frigid…and you can also know that probably the next day won’t be so bad and you’ll be able to get out again. We do not, generally speaking, get socked in by the weather for days on end. Thank goodness.

So if you’re staying indoors one day, but want something to keep kids entertained, try one of these easy art activities. I love them because they’re not complicated to do, and most of them use supplies you probably have on-hand already!

11 easy art activities to do at home with kids

11 Easy Art Activities to Do At Home

We can do this! Together we’ll weather the weather and dream of sunnier days…when I’ll probably start complaining about how hot it is outside 😂😂

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