Early Man opens in theaters this Friday

Early Man opens in theaters this Friday

Last Saturday, my 7-year old and my 10-year old and I had a chance to see Aardman’s newest movie, “Early Man.”

I’ve loved the Aardman characters ever since I first saw Wallace and Gromit, long before my kids were born. My husband and I saw “Chicken Run” together…and completely childless…which might have been a good thing because our kids would have been mortified by how hard we laughed. Most recently, we’ve all loved the adventures of Shaun the Sheep. So we were pretty excited for this movie.

We weren’t disappointed.

Early Man is a fun, silly movie the whole family will enjoy

The movie was quirky and lots of fun. It centers around Dug, and his small Stone Age tribe that doesn’t realize the rest of the world has moved into the Bronze Age without them. When evil Lord Nooth invades and threatens to steal the land belonging to this peaceful tribe, Dug challenges them to a soccer game. If they win, they enslave Dug’s tribe. If they lose they promise to leave him and his people alone to live in peace.

Early Man is a fun, silly movie the whole family will enjoy

“Early Man” was a silly, good-natured movie. There wasn’t anything too scary for my younger (very sensitive) child, but it was goofy and clever enough to hold the attention of my older son as well. I won’t say it quite lived up to the hilarity of “Chicken Run,” and Shaun the Sheep is still our favorite character, but it’s a rollicking good time and well worth bringing the kids to see.

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