about Laura

Eleven years ago, my husband was offered a job with these guys…so we packed up everything in our southern California home, uprooted ourselves and our two small children, and moved 1100 miles here to Colorado.

In the most ridiculously Hollywood move ever, a studio shut down our street the day the moving van was scheduled so they could shoot a TV show.¬†ūüôĄ

Once we were settled in Littleton, I started trying to make friends and looking for things to do with my children. I discovered two things.

1.)¬†I had a hard time knowing where to start. Where should we hike? Where should we go downtown? Who can tell me what’s worth the work of packing snacks/diapers/blankets/pacifiers/extra clothes/ALL THE THINGS¬†and leave the house? Who can tell me to skip whatever I had planned?

2.)¬†Shockingly, not everyone was delighted to have me here. I got a few comments about how too many people were coming to Colorado and ruining it. Oddly enough, most of these came from people who’d also moved from out of state…and just got here before I did. Hmph.

So here, we’ll tell you what’s worth doing with your kids. We know the effort it takes to do¬†anything at all¬†with them, and we’ll make sure your energy and money are only spent going places or trying things at home that really pay off. And if you’re busy doing all these things, you’re going to need some easy dinners so you don’t have to worry about one more thing.

If you just moved here – welcome, New Neighbor! We’re glad you’re here. Also? We’re sorry about that first batch of cookies. Baking here is weird.

Ready? Let’s explore together!



We added two more children to the mix after our Colorado move – so we now have four, ranging in age from 7-15. I’m passionate about getting everyone outdoors whenever I can because then they’re not at home, messing with my stuff.

Parenting is the first job I’ve had where, after 15 years, I still don’t know what I’m doing. You, too? (pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes…)

Along with writing here, I’ve written about parenting for BabyCenter, Babble, and Colorado Parent magazine.