17 bright and colorful flower crafts for kids

17 bright and colorful flower crafts for kids

It’s probably obvious by now that I’m ready for spring. I’m guessing that sharing places around Denver where you can see spring blooms might have given me away. Or showing you how to plant seeds indoors so we have some nice, green things growing that we can transplant outdoors next month. I’m getting pretty obsessive about all things happy and blooming.

In related news, it’s snowing today. SNOWING.

Before moving to Colorado, I didn’t really know that it snowed in springtime. It rains in the spring. Those of us in snowless region assume it starts snowing around December 1st and stops at the end of January and that’s about it. You see snow in movies or TV shows about Christmas. You don’t see it on TV shows that take place in spring. Somewhere along the way, I was lied to.


So I’ve rounded up a bunch of bright, cheerful flower crafts to do with kids. If, like me, you’re aching for some color in your life right about now, this is a great time to do one. But you can also pin this list and refer back during summer break when you need a fun, easy idea to spark everyone’s creativity. Summer. Remember summer? When it was all warm and we were sweating and wishing for a cool breeze?

Me neither.

Hang on with me, friends. We can make it through this.

17 Bright and Colorful Flower Crafts for Kids

1.) 3D Paper Flowers from Red Ted Art  – Red Ted Art has TONS of wonderful art ideas, many of them involving flower crafts. I’d actually recommend just browsing her site for a good long time – it’s one of my favorite places to get craft ideas for the kids.

flower corner bookmark craft

2.) Easy Flower Bookmark Corner from Red Ted Art – She also has tons of corner bookmark ideas. I like to set aside a spring or early summer afternoon to make a bunch of bookmarks with the kids, and then we head to the library to start on our summer reading!

3.) DIY Stained Glass Flower Crowns and Necklaces from The Artful Parent – Another of my favorite art websites for kids. These crowns are beautiful and make fun dress-up options!

4.) Flower Fairy Dolls from The Artful Parent – We’d make these and then send them out to play in our fairy garden. Hours of fun!

water bottle flower painting

5.) Water Bottle Flowers from Kids Activities Blog – A great way to help kids see things in a different light and to use their imaginations to find other ways to use everyday objects.

6.) Paper Tulip Flower Craft from I Heart Crafty Things – These would make a beautiful Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation card.

7.) Parts of a Flower Craft from A Dab of Glue Will Do – Try a colorful spring craft with kids that also teaches them all the separate parts of a flower

17 colorful flower crafts for kids

8.) Pretty Paper Hyacinth Flower Craft from Kids Craft Room – A lovely project that helps kids practice fine motor skills like cutting and gluing.

9.) Colorful Watercolor Flowers by Buggy and Buddy – Kids love watching the watercolor resist develop!

10.) Recycled Plastic Flowers by Left Brain Craft Brain – Learn to recycle and make something beautiful out of something that might otherwise be thrown away!

11.) Stamped Flower Craft from Happy Hooligans – Make cork-stamped flowers, embellished with whatever buttons you may have on-hand (you’re not JUST drinking wine. You’re providing your children with valuable art supplies. You’re a giver.)

12.)  Cheerful Tissue Paper Flowers from BabyCenter – These can be a fun kids’ craft, but you can also do a bunch in one color, or a very tight palette of colors, for a baby or bridal shower and they end up looking very elegant.

13.) Pressed Flower Bookmarks from BabyCenter – More bookmarks to make for summer reading! Or take this idea and make cards instead of bookmarks – they’d be lovely for Mother’s Day.

dancing foam flower craft

14.) Mother’s Day Flower Craft from The Soccer Mom Blog – These “dancing” flowers with kids’ faces in them are adorable – I’d make them for grandparents!

15.) Flower Craft from Recycled Materials from Raising Little Superheroes – Turn household objects into art with this project!

16.) Colorful Spring Paper Plate Flowers from Arty Crafty Kids – These are so bright and cheerful! And my kids love tearing stuff up – a nice, active flower craft.

17.) Feather Flower Craft from Fantastic Fun & Learning – A fun and unusual use for feathers!

How are you getting along in these early, snowy weeks of spring?

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